4 Easy Methods To Earn Quick Cash Online

Sometimes when an unfavorable situation happened to us, we’ll once in a while need an emergency cash to solve some issue that arises. Many people just won’t have any clue on how to generate the kind of instant cash in a short period of time.

In this post, I’ll show you 4 easy methods to earn quick cash online without having to sell your blood to get it.

Believe me, it did happens. Sometimes life gives us a quick kick in the teeth and we’re in a situation where we have to earn quick cash to pay off a bill or to make a purchase of some urgent things. Even for people who are new to internet or have no direction on how to make a living online, there are few ways to access the Internet where you actually can generate some quick cash to pay off that bill or make that purchase. Today, you’ll learn how these will pay off within a few days in most cases. Hopefully, you’ll find something here that is just perfect for you to move further.

Method #1
Selling on Ebay. You don’t have to be an ebay powerseller to set up an eBay store or anything like that to get started. You may simply just looking around your house for things that you no longer need or want, then you wrap them up nicely and proceed to open up an eBay and also a PayPal merchant account, next you will need to post an ad on eBay and within a day, you’ll start seeing some sales. You can then transfer the money from your PayPal account to your bank account directly. It only takes a few business days. If you have some great items laying around, you can actually make a nice payday out of it. Many people do this as their main source of income.

Method #2
Write and sell articles. The world of Internet is actually very much needed to run by content. Every site out owned by the webmasters or business owners are hungry getting the content publish on their site. If you can put together an English sentence, then you can write articles to start earning. The number of topics you can write on are virtually unlimited. All you need to do is concentrate on something that you’re more passionate and write about 500 words on it, depending on the requirements of the site, and you can earn anywhere from $3 to $200 per article, depending on the demand for that topic and the site you write for. Most places will make payment within two weeks.

To find places where people are looking for article writer, you may check out:

1.http://www.warriorforum.com – look for warrior for hire section or members looking to hire you
2.http://forums.digitalpoint.com – check out the buy,sell & trade section for contents

You may also look at places like:


Method #3
Take part in a focus group. This is not the same as taking surveys. Focus groups do extensive research on whatever topic they are involved in and usually get paid very well for their participation. The pay range is quite great, but most focus groups will pay you at least $50 for your participation and some as much as $500 or more. This again, is something that many people do on a full time basis and making a decent side income from.

Some great places to look for are:


Method #4
Get hired as a freelancer at places such as Elance.com, VWorker.com, Odesk.com or Fiverr.com. Depending on what your skill is, you can make a quick killing by outsourcing yourself out to somebody looking for something to be done. If you have skill in programming, then you can offer simple programming work to anyone who are looking for a simple job to be done on their site or project. Maybe you have skill in proofreading. If a person is looking for someone to proofread their written workbook, user guide, ebook or even a manuscript, you can make a quick few bucks by doing a proofing work for them. Payment can be made to your PayPal account and again, just like with Ebay, you can have that money in your bank account within a few business days.

The above four easy methods are just the tip of the iceberg to get you the ideas on how to generate some quick cash fast. The Internet is literally filled with plenty opportunities and there are a number of ways to earn quick cash online. Once you are adapted to the these few methods, I am sure you will easily spark up with even more money making ideas in the near future.

In the next coming post, I’ll be sharing how to make a killing on selling digital resell rights products that you may have them collecting dust in your hard drive right now.

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