Welcome to my blog,

First of all, I would want to say thank you for taking such a valuable time to visit my blog.

I appreciate it very much.

Just a brief introduction about myself.

My name is Kenny Tan and I am now working as a full time entrepreneur, internet marketer, niche products creator, web developer, graphics designer, a publisher, webmaster and also a regular blogger who has started from ZERO background with no knowledge on web technology nor internet marketing trends.

What I know during my early days on the internet was to chat with friends, buddy, customers and sometimes play online games which I never think about making money online.

To let you know my initial background on my actual career and profession before I got started on Internet Marketing.

Claiming myself as an expert in integrated building security & surveillance camera system industry for more than 13 years, I have managed to secure a large building security project for a well-known commercial bank at malaysia.

My job scope is to deal with security consultants, project managers, corporate directors and as well as smaller scale of business owners directly.

To tell you the truth, I have been extremely tired and bored with my initial 9-5 day jobs although I am saying it 9-5, but in actual cases, I worked for more than 12 hours per day and at the end of the day I always found that I have never earned sufficient income to achieve my dream as my former boss has cheated me a lot by not paying me the sales commissions that I should have entitled for securing their sales quota.

Well, what can I do? Just pretended to be happy. LOL 🙁

Yeah, I know, some of you may just tell me, don’t work for people, setup your own company and work for yourself to earn more.

But, do you know that in these days of market competitions and price war between ten of the thousands of security companies; only those big fellows who have sufficient bullets(capital) are able to sustain on the market and furthermore, you need a lot of capitals to move on and grow from the ground up before you really can achieve the success.

That’s what peoples always called it as “Offline Business Competitions”.

But what to do if you are heading to no way on how to get through the competitions barrier and be survived maybe for a couple more years to come.

One thing I always wanted to achieve is the kind of financial freedom without having to setup a company, hiring peoples, finding reliable sales person, taking care of unforeseen expenses and I also have a dream of being able to have my own sweet time to do whatever I want such as travel while generating cash on 24/7 on auto-pilot.

That’s what I always seen on the email promotions and I have never understood what it is about.

So, I always ignored them.

Sounds familiar 🙂

Nope, I am not trying to sell anything here, I am just telling my real hard feelings during my early days on 9-5 day jobs.

Alright, now let me just explain how I got started with Internet Marketing.

I am glad that I have finally found this large community on the web that called ‘Internet Marketing’, as we all know the internet are full of hype, bloated promises, scams and gimmicks, it’s really hard for most peoples who are truly believing that this internet marketing is a real true online business.

There seems to be a thousands of gimmicks or misleading offers for every legitimate opportunity that I found until one night…

Yeah, let’s move on to what I have discovered.

The story begins…

Looking back to 6 years ago which is on the late of 2006, during a night, after having a tea drinking session with few of my regular buddies, they keep asking me to study more about the making money online opportunity(the work at home business).

I definitely have full of doubts on the beginning as I have never though of “work at home” business opportunity at all.

When I got back home, as usual I turned on my old junk desktop computer, updating some of my work via MS Words & Excel worksheet, reading news and checking emails.

Before I heads off to my bed, all in the sudden, my mind just flipped through about one of my buddy asking me to take a look on local website that offer a make money online ebook package, revealing the secrets of making up to $400,000 a year over the internet doing nothing, of course I don’t really believe at first sight and the only thing on my mind is ‘I am talking to myself’ : Hey Kenny, This must be a fake business opportunity….

It just gave me a very bad impression in the beginning but when reading thoroughly over the entire sales page, it did make sense to make money online and working from home in your Pajamas but overall I still don’t believe it. I am a stubborn guy though.

But think for yourself too, any sales page will definitely having a good write up about the products or services they are offering. right?

I tell you, you really won’t believe it until you are seeing it with your own eyes and getting the results you wants.

So, right after finished reading the sales page that is written in malays(malaysian language), I decided to give it a try, although I know I had mentioned that it might be a gimmick…

Who knows? the finding may turned into good standing and after all, it is just a small fraction of amount to break-through my curiosity (the cost is around USD$16).

Then the next day, I right away deposited the cash to the seller’s bank account and received the ebook guides after 1 day…

Okay, got the ebook now. I am so excited and curious too.

After reading it thoroughly, I started to take action and followed exactly of what’s being taught in the guides.

I think I better put it as “Instructed”, as the guides really asked you to do this and do that, follow what exactly in it and not to miss out a single task.

So, I got my very first domain name(it’s a very weird name anyway) and a web hosting basic account purchased through yahoo hosting. (spent around USD$20)

Created my first yahoo mail account for online business purposes as taught in the guides.

Next, I started to promote the ebook as instructed in the guides all over the community forums, discussion boards, classified ads, yahoo groups, yahoo chat rooms, google groups and all other websites that allow free posting. Looking to be in good standing.

Okay, now I got some results, I was so surprised that I did made a few sales by referring peoples to the site I bought the ebook from and I was so happy.

I proceed to buy some email databases which claimed to be legitimate as instructed in the guides again. (At least now I knows it is illegal to buy bulk email lists)

Sent out some emails to keep promoting the ebook and hoping that I will make even more cash.

Guess what on the next day?

I got a very “HuGE SHOCK” when yahoo sent me an email telling that my domain and hosting account will be shut down with immediate effect due to spam complaints.

So, you know what the guides is all about now?

The publisher not giving the right instructions in his guides and even worst teaching all his buyers to conduct “SPAM” all over the internet just for promoting his so called “Make Money Online” manual.

Luckily I did not followed all of his instructions on the guides, otherwise worst case will be happened.

I have heard some of his buyers even caught in a serious legal action on what’s being done on the promotions.

So, I have learned the mistakes and not following the right mentor and caused me to lose my first domain and the hosting. It really doesn’t matter on the investment, the main thing is I have learned what can be done and what can’t be done on the internet business.

After the bad incident, I was thinking to just quit and move back to my initial 9-5 day jobs.(what a bad decision though)

Are you still with me? ….

Okay, let’s continue.

I felt Internet Business is not easy to learn at all, not until I found one bonus ebook with the lame money making guides I bought, the title of the book is ‘Million Dollars Internet Marketing Foundation’, this is really a top notch ebook on the market which I personally recommend for everyone, unfortunately, it just disappeared from my hard drive for now.

Once reading through the ebook, I finally found the myths of getting started with internet marketing business….

Now, I am fully motivated and decided to get started on my journey to explore more in internet marketing business…(The right way only)

So lucky that I don’t quit at that time of failure, otherwise, I won’t be here today.

God Bless.

Why I am so confident after reading the ebook from this top notch?

Is because his ebook truly providing the step-by-step and never teach people how to spam on the internet community….

Also mentioned in this ebook, I have learned up the important rules to getting started on my internet marketing business.

I still remember, the very first membership site that I joined is “SureFireWealth.com”, it’s a resell rights membership runs by Jeremy Gislason.

I do love the membership he is providing as every product being added there are top notch with high value in it.

Along with my journey on exploring the internet marketing arena, I have also found plenty of ways to make a decent income online and I do joined plenty of newsletters from top marketers, so that I am always be updated on what’s happening on the internet marketing circle.

What I found out lately is one of the most lucrative online business is through selling products that being offered with “Private Label Resell Rights”. It is a good business model to start off if you have no idea and with little money.

That is how I got started my first private label resell rights membership to earn monthly income. (I do have a couple of successful membership sites till today)

So, after reading through my story of how I got started and going through all the hard learning curve as mentioned at above, did you get to know me better for now?

If you wanted to know how to get started on resell rights business, you can visit this link now to see what I am offering on the membership site that you too can start your own profitable private label rights online business for more cash. (Yeah, this is my little promotion on my own site, please forgive me if you feel a little uncomfortable)

Lastly, I am very much thankful that you are willing spent this precious moment to read my self introductory page and follow till the end!



I have a few words to say in the conclusion, just wanted to make sure that I did mentioned before I go.

In order to be truly successful on starting or growing your internet marketing business, you do need the following criteria:

1. Your Self Determination
2. Know How to Identify Your Target Market
3. Work With Full Dedication
4 Be Passionate
5. Practice Perseverance
6. Have More Patience
7. Focusing on One Subject Until Success
8. Following The Right Mentor
9. Sacrifying Your Movies Time (Just Joking Here, You can Enjoy Movies Though)
10.Your ACTION…. 🙂 – This Is The Most Important!

This just some of my word out about getting started on internet marketing business that I personally had gone through and had made through it.

I know you too CAN do it.

Wish you the best on everything you had decided to go with and become wealthier for many years to come.

Kenny Tan

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