How to Build Your Business from Blogging

Are you already using a blog to promote your business? If you have not yet done so, then you are potentially losing out the great opportunity to advertise, promote and market your business without digging deep into your pocket. Blogging is always free of charge and you’re able to do it easily by using either the locally hosted blogging software from or get a free account from,, and many more.

As a wise business owner, you are advice to start blogging for your business as soon as you can, because if you start posting quality information on your business blog on a regular basis, you not only get to attract the targeted readers to your blog, you are actually opening the door to the wide audience of internet community that could eventually bring you tons of potential buyers to your products and services.

Few years back, people began blogging as one of their hobby during leisure time, they share their daily journal and interest, but things are changed in these days as the concept of blogging has been evolved into a new breakthrough for many business owners.

Your business blog is one of the best places to let people know who you are, what you do and what type of business you are running. Blogging efficiently can becomes one of the powerful marketing tools for your business. To start blogging for your business, you can use the free platform as I mentioned above and if you are serious to build a long-term business online, a very small amount of investment fee such as buying a domain name and getting web hosting account is a must.

If you already have a website and know how to manage it, then you have more advantage then other business owner who do not start a website yet. In your hosting account, you can easily find a blogging software named as “WordPress”, the installation of the software is very easy with a few clicks of mouse, and you can just get started to blog about your business.

If you haven’t started a blogging website for your business, then it is time to get one, starting a blog is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to create a web presence for your business.

What if you don’t know how and where to get started?

First thing is to think for a suitable domain name that you are planning for your business, if you have no idea how to brainstorm yourself for a good domain name, you can always use the domain suggestion tools from popular domain registration company such as Namesilo, Namecheap or Godaddy.

A good domain name reflects your business name, your product, service and branding forever. Most of the domain registration company offers less than $10 per year for .com, .net registration. For business use, you will need to get at least a .com or .net domain extension as it is good in terms of business branding and good for search engines result.

Next, you will need to find a web hosting account to host your domain, without a hosting account, your domain will be just like a home with address, but no landed property builds. You can get a much cheaper and reliable hosting services from reliable company such as siteground, namecheap, fastcomet or wpxhosting.

During the beginning stage of building your first business blogging website, you may just choose those plan that priced below $10 per month. As time goes by and your website growth, you can then consider upgrading to a higher plan.

Once you have purchased both the domain and hosting account, you may begin a market researching work, this is to find out what are the keywords people are using when they conduct a search on the internet that relates to your product and service.

To start finding those keywords, you can use the free keywords research tools offered by google. It’s now called as “Google Adwords Keyword Planner“, you will need to sign up for a google adwords account to access the keyword tools in the control panel and it’s totally free to sign up.

By researching the most popular keywords from google database, you can use them to write quality, relevant and unique articles content that are related to your product. You may use the written articles content to post on your blog and top article directories to get backlinks that cost you nothing and help you to quickly spread the word out to the world wide web. It’s a win-win solution, isn’t it?

The primary objective for submitting quality articles to top article directories is to gain more visitor traffic to your business blog, however, you must make sure that all written articles content is well written without any spelling mistake, grammatically proof and easy to read. As an incentive to retain your readers interest, you may offer weekly prizes, contests and special offers on your blog.

Begin to blog about your business isn’t that difficult at all and you don’t have to fear and worry about the process. One big secret is just writing it all out under your own voice and treat your readers, subscribers and customers in such a way like your own family members.

Show them that you appreciate them and that they can depend on you to make it real, share good information, decent ideas to let them get the inspiration about you and be sure to interact with them regularly.

If you have difficulty on writing a word out for your blog, you can always hire a good freelance writer at a very reasonable price. To look for such person who can writes good quality content, visit warrior forum – warrior for hire section.

A great tip is trying to look for content writers from Philippines, as they are providing good quality content writing at an affordable price. To conclude this blog article, blogging is always be used as a method to promote and market your business efficiently. You, your potential prospects, customers and readers get to know each other the better way in terms of trustworthy and creating a long-term sustainable business relationship that could lead to a much higher business profits for you.

Kenny Tan KG

A full time online entrepreneur, products creator, web designer & developer, graphics designer and also a regular blogger started with ZERO knowledge on internet. Grew up as a 5 figures earner for now and extremely passionate to help more newbies and beginners to start a profitable online business.

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